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What is phishing?

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Untitled 11 What is phishing?

Phishing is an engineered attack to steal user information and data. For example, stealing information related to bank cards or login data of people to their various user accounts on the Internet is an example of phishing. Seven Star Exchange has prepared and compiled this article for your information and for your financial security.

Phishing occurs when hackers impersonate a system and trick users into taking an action, such as opening their email or sending a compromised message. After the user, out of nowhere, begins to perform actions on their email pages or messengers, a suspicious message is sent to them, which, by selecting it and clicking on the message, redirects them to a malware.

This is where the possibility of foreigners accessing personal information and data is provided. The results of this kind of hacking have very adverse consequences. For example, hackers can steal a person’s identity, empty their bank accounts, or make purchases through them. Hacking the data and information of sensitive and important organizations can cause many security risks.

Examples of phishing attacks

To learn about phishing attacks, the following can be mentioned:

  • An email sent to faculty members that contains threats that could hack their system and data;
  • An email that is sent to the users of a library, in which the news of the expiry of the password of the library members is announced and each user is asked to take actions in order to extend his credit.

These messages are usually sent with links that direct the user to a page. In the mentioned pages, everything looks normal and the user is asked to enter his information and in return to proceed with the renewal of his user account. In this way, his data is received and his system is hacked in different ways.

Phishing techniques

Email phishing is very common. In this method, the hacker tries to send thousands of emails to different users. Because the volume of emails sent is very high, even if a small percentage of people fall into the trap, it will be profitable for the hacker. Hackers are trying to gain the trust of different users to open their email by copying authentic sites. The content of their messages is usually such that the recipient needs to take action.

There is another type of phishing that targets a specific person or company. In this case of hacking, hackers need to know more about the power structure of a company in order to target their work and attack the systems. In this method, the process will be as follows:

  • Attackers gain access to the information of the organization’s employees in a specific department, such as marketing, and obtain the invoices of their last projects.
  • The hacker tries to get the marketing manager to read and open the message by sending an email about the project information.
  • In that message, the manager is asked to enter the information page related to the project, and in the first step, identity or security information is taken from him. This information makes it easy for the attacker to access the company’s information.

Untitled 14 What is phishing?

How to prevent phishing?

Companies and their members or ordinary users should learn some measures to prevent hackers from attacking. As a regular user, you should try to avoid opening suspicious emails. Always pay attention to the email and website addresses that appear in different messages. Pay attention to the addresses and information of official sites and official organizations, and avoid entering them by comparing the content of suspicious messages with the official information of official sites.

Hackers usually try to copy the logo of a famous site or its overview in order to gain the trust of users. However, if you pay enough attention, you will notice the differences. Companies should take measures to avoid falling into the trap of hackers. Using two-factor authentication can be a good method. This security method is such that any user can access authentication by providing two witnesses. It means that it is possible to confirm the identity of a person only by connecting him to the system through a device or code specific to him, in addition to providing information and knowledge that is only available to the same user. Organizations can prevent the formation of aggressive incidents by hackers by being strict about the password management of their employees.

Training employees about the protection of data and information is one of the important steps that every organization takes in order to maintain its security. These days, information and data are the most important tools of any organization. So they should be diligent in maintaining them.

final word

A concrete example of a phishing attack is the hacking of credit cards in online purchases. Some profiteers and hackers lead users to final purchase and payment by setting up insecure and deceptive shopping sites and platforms. In fake payment pages, users’ bank card information is taken and their accounts are emptied. You should be careful to follow online shopping from secure platforms and when you are directed to the payment page by an online store, make sure that you are on a secure platform by taking a close look at the features of that page. Phishing is one of the big security problems that goes on in different dimensions and can cause heavy damages to people and organizations. So, it is necessary to get information about it and how to deal with its threats.

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