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This Week in Coins: Bitcoin and Ethereum See Fourth Flat Week as TRON and Tether Surge

0000000 This Week in Coins: Bitcoin and Ethereum See Fourth Flat Week as TRON and Tether Surge

Brace yourselves: the advent of a superintelligent AI is nigh.

A blog post coauthored by the CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, OpenAI President Greg Brockman, and OpenAI Chief Scientist Ilya Sutskever warns that the development of artificial intelligence needs heavy regulation to prevent potentially catastrophic scenarios.

“Now is a good time to start thinking about the governance of superintelligence,” said Altman, acknowledging that future AI systems could significantly surpass AGI in terms of capability. “Given the picture as we see it now, it’s conceivable that within the next ten years, AI systems will exceed expert skill levels in most domains, and carry out as much productive activity as one of today’s largest corporations.”

Echoing concerns Altman raised in his recent testimony before Congress, the trio outlined three pillars they deemed crucial for strategic future planning.

It was the fourth consecutive week of flat prices. A generally slow news cycle meant that market leaders Bitcoin and Ethereum remained where they were last weekend.

Bitcoin depreciated a nominal 0.5% and currently trades at $26,815, while Ethereum rose 1% over the seven days and now enters the weekend at $1,829.

On Monday, an AI-generated photo depicting a fabricated explosion at the Pentagon briefly caused a selloff in stocks and Bitcoin.

Markets were decidedly flat across the board, with no top thirty cryptocurrency posting significant gains except TRON, which rallied 8% to $0.076778. 

TRON’s rally this week appears to have been driven by the climbing market capitalization of the U.S. dollar-pegged stablecoin Tether (USTD), as the latter inches towards overtaking its all-time high of $83.2 billion, set in May last year.

According to CoinGecko, Tether may set a new high watermark any day now.

TRON and USDT’s joint rally appears to be linked to the fact that the majority of USDT, approximately $46 billion, is issued on Tron, surpassing the $36 billion on Ethereum. Recent data shows a steep rise in USDT on the TRON network throughout 2023 so far.

The biggest losses among cryptocurrencies this week were posted by Internet Computer (ICP), which fell 6% to $4.88, and Lido DAO (LDO), which dropped 7.1% to $1.96.

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