Our service


Seven Star Exchange is a leader in providing currency exchange, money transfer and business services, which has many years of effective and profitable work experience in Southeast Asia. Seven Star, reputable in the field of investment and common currencies and digital currency, is proud to provide quality, reliable and competent services to dear compatriots all over the world with its valuable experience. Seven Star Exchange has been able to provide the safest, effortless and fastest services to its customers by fully mastering the financial markets of Southeast Asia and benefiting from a successful and experienced staff in more than 28 countries.

Our services include:

  • Types of foreign exchange transfers (personal and corporate)
  • Buying and selling all kinds of digital currency
  • Buying and selling all kinds of common and encrypted currencies
  • Currency exchange and money transfer all over the world
  • Foreign currency loans and valid guarantees

Why Seven Star?

Currency transfer

Unlimited currency exchange to all parts of the world

Tracking shipments

Tracking remittances until they are received in the beneficiary’s account and the process is completed

high security

Safe and secure in transactions

Experienced staff

Using a dynamic and experienced staff in the field of transfers and providing the best services

Providing the best service

The best in providing services and fees

Online advice and support

24-hour guidance and advice to use the best method of currency transfer