Presentation S.S En 1 Introduction

About Seven Star

Seven Star is a safe and up-to-date exchange. With the credit of its several years of successful activity in Southeast Asia in the fields of international trade, investment, currency exchange, etc., Seven Star Exchange has proven time and again that it can provide worthy services to its compatriots by relying on the validity of its valuable experiences. Respected worldwide.

With the slogan of speed, precision and trust, we have been able to dominate the financial and commercial markets of Southeast Asia, and with the benefit of an experienced and experienced working group, we have expanded Seven Star Exchange in more than 28 countries. Seven Star is proud to provide all types of money and currency transfer services, digital currency, bank transfers, SWIFT (personal and corporate), cash receipt and payment, etc. in the best and safest possible way to its clients in all its international offices.

Seven Star International Offices

Seven Star Exchange is active in Iran, Malaysia, Germany, Canada, and has active brokers in the countries of America, Holland, Australia, Sweden, Spain, Norway, India, Singapore, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey, Iraq, etc. Seven Star is ready to serve dear Iranians around the world 24 hours a day.

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